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Tiziana Altiero


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Position: Researcher in Zoology (SSD BIO/05) at the Department of  Education and Humanities of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Research interests: Reproductive biology and life histories in tardigrades; evolution of dormancy and adaptations to extreme environments; physiological and morpho-functional adaptations of tardigrades; phylogeny, systematics and taxonomy of tardigrades; science (biology) education for kindergarten and primary school’s students based on a narrative and metaphoric approach.

Research approaches and techniques: Morphological, karyological, biochemical (e.g. antioxidant molecules, Heat shock proteins) and molecular studies based on Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, chromosome banding, electrophoresis techniques.  

Teaching: Biology (Single-Cycle Master Degrees -5 years; Primary Teacher Education – Scienze della Formazione Primaria).

Other activities: member of the Metaphor and Narrative in Science (MANIS) Research Center (Department of Education and Humanities). Pre-service and service teacher’s training.

Publications (10 with most impact)

  1. Altiero T., I. Giovannini, R. Guidetti, L. Rebecchi 2015 - Life history traits and reproductive mode of the tardigrade Acutuncus antarcticus under laboratory conditions: strategies to colonize the Antarctic environment. Hydrobiologia 761: 277-291.
  3. Altiero T., R. Guidetti, D. Boschini, L. Rebecchi – 2012 - heat-shock proteins expression in encysted and anhydrobiotic eutardigrades. Journal of Limnology, 71: 211-215.
  5. Guidetti R., T. Altiero, L. Rebecchi – 2011 - On  dormancy strategies in tardigrades. Journal of Insect Physiology, 57: 567–576.
  7. Altiero T., R. Guidetti, V. Caselli, M. Cesari, L. Rebecchi – 2011 - Ultraviolet radiation tolerance in hydrated and desiccated eutardigrades. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 49 (Suppl. 1): 104–110.
  9. Altiero T., R. Bertolani, L. Rebecchi – 2010 – Hatching phenology and resting eggs in Paramacrobiotus richtersi (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae). Journal of Zoology, London, 280: 290-296.
  11. Altiero T., L. Rebecchi, R. Bertolani - 2006 - Phenotypic variations in the life history of two clones of Macrobiotus richtersi (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae). Hydrobiologia, 558: 33-40.
  13. Altiero T., L. Rebecchi - 2003 - First evidence of achiasmatic male meiosis in the water bears Richtersius coronifer and Macrobiotus richtersi (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae). Hereditas, 139: 116-120.
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